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Driven by a passion to see God’s glory magnified and the church strengthened, we offer doctoral studies that equip men and women to serve faithfully in the church, on the mission field, and in the academy.

Dr. Pierre teaching in the classroom

Educating Scholars Since 1892

In 1892, 南方神学院的博士课程是致力于圣经和培养更有效的福音传道人. For over 120 years, 我们一直致力于培养能忠心在教会中服事的男女, on the mission field, and in the academy.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

70 Hours · 4 Years


Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)



Doctor of 小姐iology (D.小姐.)

64 Hours · 3-4 Years


Doctor of 最小值istry (D.最小值.)

32 Hours · 3 Years

部博士学位为部领导提供必要的技能,使他们在职业和个人生活中取得卓越成就. Fully online options are now available.

Doctor of Educational 最小值istry (D.Ed.最小值.)

46 Hours · 3 Years

教育部博士为致力于基督教领导的人提供卓越的教育实践, 门徒, 领导, church revitalization, 任务, 和咨询. Fully online options are now available.

Master of Theology (Th.M.)



3 Reasons to Study 博士 Studies at Southern


Academic Excellence

Satisfying the highest standard of accreditation, 南方神学院的博士课程致力于提供严格和先进的准备,使我们的毕业生能够在最高水平的奖学金和教会领导方面做出贡献.


Confessional Commitment

南方神学院致力于圣经的权威和无误性以及原则摘要, our confession of faith. 学生将在这种忏悔的环境中学习,同时受到挑战,深入思考他们的神学信仰,并将其应用于他们的事工和学术.



博士 graduates from Southern Seminary serve at the highest level in churches, on mission fields, and in seminaries all over the world. 南方神学院的毕业生比其他任何福音派机构都要多,我们的毕业生领导着世界上一些最大的宣教组织.

Hear from our graduates

Preacher in the pulpit

In their own words

“神利用我在南方神学院的时间,帮助我与祂同行,服事祂的百姓. My professors at SBTS were great teachers, 有天赋的作家, and trusted theologians but what impacted me the most was their godly example. I listened to their lectures and learned from their assignments, 但最大和最重要的影响来自他们的生活方式. 我感谢上帝允许我在如此优秀的领袖手下工作,也感谢美南浸信会神学院的传承.”

Executive Director, Kentucky Baptist Convention
Preacher in pulpit

In their own words

“My time at Southern profoundly impacted me. Not only did my understanding of God’s Word and theology deepen, 我对主和教会的爱,因着我与教授们相处的时间,就加增了, 其他学生, 在研究中. I gained skills for ministry that continue to contribute to my pastoral work today.”

Pastor, FBC Jackson

In their own words

“My time at Southern was an immense blessing for which I remain ever grateful. 我有机会向福音界最有天赋的老师学习,并与来自世界各地爱主的男男女女生活在一起, treasured the Scriptures, and were devoted to God’s church. 多么好的礼物啊! 我为南方神学院赞美神,并继续为这个重要的机构祷告.”

Richard M. Blaylock
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Western Seminary
Preacher in the pulpit

In their own words

“南方神学院的教师和社区对我的生活和事工准备产生了深远的影响. 我在课堂内外的时间,使我对三位一体的神有了更大的认识,并对神的全球使命有了更迫切的认识. 我感谢上帝在我在南方神学院期间对我和我的家人的仁慈.”

安德鲁·米. 王
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Midwestern Seminary & Spurgeon大学
Preacher on stage

In their own words

“主深刻地使用了南方神学院的教师来塑造今天的我. 他们在圣经语言、神学和教会历史方面挑战我的智力. 他们的教导激发了我对上帝话语的热爱,既严谨又快乐,发现和研究上帝的话语. 他们鼓励我走基督徒的道路和成圣,强调要通过阅读和服从基督的话来顺从他, not with a monastic or mystical method, but practically as a member of Christ’s body in a local church. Without Southern’s faculty, I simply would not be who I am today. ”

Professor of Old Testament, Phoenix Seminary
Female speaker on stage at an event

In their own words

“南方神学院的博士课程让我对神学有了更深入的了解,为我今天事工的各个方面提供了动力. While the process was challenging, 我在南方大学的时光仍然是完成神给我的呼召,为他的荣耀和造就他的教会的宝贵方面.”

Author and Speaker


Southern’s world-renowned faculty are brilliant scholars, experienced pastors, and seasoned theologians with over 1,000 years of combined teaching experience, over 900 years of combined ministry experience, and more than 350 books published.



These are the principles that guide doctoral studies at Southern Seminary.

Academic Excellence


Relationally Driven

Scholarship is best produced in community. 在南, 教授和学生热切地寻求彼此学习,并在信仰上相互激励.

Personal Development

It is the desire of the faculty to see each student grow intellectually, 巧妙地, and spiritually during their academic endeavor.

Influential Publication



Theological education is a global endeavor. 南方大学希望其教授和毕业生能够通过跨文化教学和传教活动,使每个部落和语言成为他们的门徒.

Professors walking on campus


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